Our cloud services will help you improve your customer service with better:

  • Technology
  • Data Integration
  • Connections
  • Call Logging
  • Call Tracking

And with enhanced sync with most CRM/ERP systems, your team will have faster access to the information they need to manage your customer’s needs.

We handle collecting all the data and routing info on the front end and program the system to meet your exact needs and specifications.

Additionally, we’ll train your staff on the proper way to use the system and regularly update software as required.

Let us build a network with better security, better performance and less downtime so your team has more to move your business forward.


Cost Effective.

The cost of cloud-based voice service depends on a number of factors like, size of company, service provider, and additional features. However, it doesn’t have to be expensive.

At the most basic level, cloud-based voice service can cost just a few-hundred dollars a month (or even less for a small business). Typically there is a set price for all of your features, dial tone and even equipment that’s priced per your employee user (also referred to as “per station” or “per seat”).

Often, Cloud Based VoIP is much less expensive than premise–based phone services. Cloud based voice service providers often bundle long distance minutes into their predictable monthly recurring fees, while domestic calling plans charge based on usage.

Additionally a Cloud based voice service set up usually requires far less hardware.

Comprehensive software.

More easily track and collect data that will help you run your business.

Through available data solution options, easily store information you collect in your phone calls. Even send your voicemail messages straight to your email inbox, making it easier to retrieve those messages without having to access your desk phone or dial into a voicemail system.

These are just a few of the MANY software apps included for exceptional business management.

Functionality and Business Continuity.

When you use a premise-based phone system, it is much more labor-intensive to manage how calls are routed and especially difficult to make “on the fly” changes to how calls are handled.

However with a Cloud based voice service setup, in the event of a major weather event or loss of power in your building, any authorized person on your team can quickly change the routing of calls and can do so from home, on the road, or anywhere that they have access to the Internet.

Our solution includes a smartphone app that can act as your office phone with all of the functionality of an office phone.


When you can do everything more quickly and more accurately, you’ll increase productivity. In turn, adds to a better customer/employee experience, increasing profitability.

Geographical implications.

Easily connect your business to the resources it needs even if those resources are on the other side of the world. Cloud based voice services frees up telecommuting options for your business, so you can find and hire the best talent without having to worry about geographical limitations.