Cadence Technology Services offers a wide array of local and regional network solutions that help keep your business running smoothly.  We integrate multi-level communications tools to keep your computers connected safely within your business but with the added power of non-local tools so that you can travel anywhere in the world while still having the safety net of communicating with your employees and cloud-based data tools at a moment’s notice.



Our WAN tools work well for companies with single or multiple locations even if they aren’t in the same regions.  Cadence has robust cloud and networking tools that can expand or throttle based on your company’s needs.  If you need added bandwidth for intensive database tools or gigabit ethernet to transfer large amounts of information in short periods of time, then Cadence Technology Solutions is a great fit for you.

Remote offices and second and third-tier cities can’t stop us. Cadence can bring Carrier Class Service to you – wherever you are. Whether it’s 100GB or an NxT1, Cadence can consult with you to determine the best level of service and always provide you with the very best price.

Every Cadence circuit or network includes NOC services at no additional charge. This means your connectivity is constantly monitored and Cadence will know about outages immediately. We are often working on outages before clients call us.