SimplyConnect by Cadence

Targeted Mass SMS Communication Made Simple

With the ability to be bolted on to any of our services, SimplyConnect allows your company to leverage the power of mobile text messaging for marketing and customer service initiatives.





Text-Enable Current Numbers

Contact customers via text message with your existing phone numbers

Set Auto-Responses and Schedule Messages

Automatically respond to customers with customized text responses or schedule recurring messages.

Monitor Messages

Manage all texts that are being sent and received from one account via email notifications.

User-Friendly Platform and API Integrations

A personal portal and iOS or Android smartphone app make this service easy to manage.


90% of consumers want to use texting to reach businesses.


Engage Customers

Personalize messaging for promotions with customizable templates and then track responses and ROI with ease.

Resolve Customer Issues Fast

With a backlog of customer history, your team can easily access records of interaction for better issue resolution.

Ensure Compliance

All text messages sent adhere to CTIA best practices and guidelines.

Improve Communication Capabilities

Connect with customers in their preferred medium that reinforce your brand. SimplyConnect is the newest communication weapon for business.

Keeping a positive customer experience at the forefront.

If you’ve been burned by 1-800 numbers before, where the rep can’t find your account, and you can’t remember the security question your company made ten years ago—we’re here to take that burden off your team.

We’re laser-focused on our customer’s experience and building genuine relationships. At Cadence Technology Services, you’ll get great network service strengthened by human connections.