How to Ramp Up a Remote Workforce As Fast As Possible

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Did you know you can use your office phone system to work from home?

Learn How to Recieve Work Calls Remotely!

With the recent outbreak and continued spread of the Coronavirus, Cadence customers are asking us, “How can we mobile our business while mitigating the risk of the Coronavirus?”

The answer is easy!

Your current NUSO phone system allows you and your team to take calls anywhere that has an internet connection. There are THREE ways you can make and receive calls from the comfort of your remote workplace.

Which of the THESE continuity solutions are best for YOU?
  • Mobile iPhone / iPad / Android application
  • PC / MAC application
  • Bringing your desk phone home

You can make or receive calls with the VoIPLINK Business application on your PC, MAC, iPhone, and Android smartphones! This is the easiest way to take calls remotely. Simply login to any of the applications and start taking calls. No need to enable any type of forwarding.

If you plan to bring your desk phone home, you will need to be able to connect your desk phone into the Ethernet connection on your home router. You will also need to ensure you have a power supply to take home. If you need a power supply, please contact your account executive or call 844-Cadence for more specific questions.

Learn About the Desktop App Learn About the Mobile App