Should I consider Microsoft Teams as a phone system?

Friday, March 15, 2024

Microsoft Teams is now a part of most of our daily work and office routines. The application is made available to the masses, usually at little to no cost. You may have heard that Microsoft Teams can be not only your collaboration tool, but your phone system too. What many businesses do not understand is exactly what using Teams as a phone system will look, feel, and impact their daily call flow.


Using Microsoft Teams as your phone system can be achieved in more than one way. Some might make more sense than others depending on your requirements and environment. There is certainly some value in having one less application, a single login, and an interface your team is already used to but you may sacrifice features you expect to have.


Cadence can help coach your team through Native MS Teams, Direct Routing, and our NUSO Teams Connector so see what is best for you!



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